My RDFizers

What are RDFizers?

RDFizers is a subproject of SIMILE. It is a collection of tools to transform data from various sources to RDF. These tools are either developed by participants of the SIMILE project or other contributors. For example, they can convert BibTeX files, mailbox files, Outlook files or Java bytecode to RDF.

The result of a conversion must be a set of RDF triples that reflect the semantics of the underlying data. In the case of highly structured data the conversion is often natural, otherwise human intervention should be required. RDFizers try to return as much information as possible with no human intervention, and at the same time potentially useful also, that means it may meaningful for processing applications.

What are they good for?

These little handy utilities transform resources to RDF, making them available to Semantic Web applications.

My RDFizers


The following RDFizers are available here:

The following is a small framework for handling several RDFizers:

All of them are written in Java and licensed under GNU GPL. See the included README files for detailed building and usage instructions.

Adapter classes for my RDFizers that allows them to be plugged into the framework: