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Thesis topics


  • Web design, BSc/BA/MA Thesis topic

The web design has a wide range of levels, layers, and aspects. A lot of services, applications, transfer methods, etc. have to be designed during the design phase of website developing. During working on the thesis, students have to chose, determine a part, a field of the website designe. They have to read the literature of the given topic and choose appropriate tools, technologies and methods for designing and developing their own website. In the development the theory, the previously collected pieces of information about the useful and modern means have to be used and explained in the dissertation. Gyöngyi Bujdosó


  • Collection organization in hungarian public libraries, BA/MA Thesis topic

Mária Borbély

  • The role of libraries in support of lifelong learning, BA/MA Thesis topic

Mária Borbély

  • Current issues of library classification in the light of international library specialized literature, BA/MA Thesis topic

Mária Borbély

  • Library options in the field of digital competence development, BA/MA Thesis topic

Mária Borbély


Research topics


  • Semantic web: ontologies, topic maps and thesauri, BA/MA Thesis topic, PhD research topic

The „traditional” library technologies (thesauri, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies) can be studied and compared with web ontologies, concept maps and topic maps from different aspects. In the investigation of the subject relevant answers can be formulated to several research questions. Erzsébet Tóth


  • On-line environments and virtual reality systems in the knowledge distribution, TDK topic

The new technologies brings new application methods and new fields of interests. The knowledge transfer and knowledge distribution have to be always effective. For increasing the efficacy of a knowledge transfer the distributors have to find new ways, new environments, new methodology for transferring the information to their audiences. The for systems of the Virtul Reality (VR) can be very effective environments for transferring information to the new generations. Finding new ways, new environments and new methods are the main goals of the PhD work. Gyöngyi Bujdosó

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