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Main research field of the department

data analytics, data visualization, image processing, geoinformatics, geometry, computer graphics, big data, machine learning, deep learning

Head of Department

  • Prof. Dr. András HAJDU, professor

    • image processing
    • bioinformatics
    • big data
    • machine learning, deep learning
    • optimalization

Members of the Department

  • Dr. Dániel BALLA, assistant professor 

    • research field: WebGIS, Geovisualization
  • Dr. Attila FAZEKAS, associate professor
    • research field: digital image processing, digital topology, human-machine interaction, medical image processing
  • Dr. Balázs HARANGI, associate professor
    • research field: image and signal processing, fusion systems, information visualization, big data
  • Prof. Dr. Miklós HOFFMANN, professor
    • research field: computer aided geometric design, constructive geometry
  • Dr. László KOVÁCS, assistant professor
    • research field: digital image processing, fusion systems, high performance computing
  • Dr. Kinga Tünde KRUPPA, assistant professor
    • geometric modelling
  • Dr. Roland Imre KUNKLI, assistant professor
    • research field: geometric modelling, constructive geometry, information visualization
  • Dr. Ildikó PAPP, assistant professor
    • research field: geometric modelling, constructive geometry
  • Dr. Szilvia SZEGHALMY, assistant professor
    • research field: medical image processing, human-computer interaction, deep learning
  • Dr. Henrietta TOMÁN, assistant professor
    • research field: medical image processing, fusion systems, quasigroup, loop theory
  • L. Attila TIBA, assistant lecturer
    • image processing
    • optimalization
    • machine learning
    • deep learning
  • Dr. Róbert TORNAI, assistant professor
    • research field: developing virtual collaboration arena system, investigation of archaical photo processes, perspective correction for pictures
  • Dr. Erzsébet TÓTH, assistant professor
  • János TÓTH, assistant lecturer
    • research field: optimization of ensemble systems, big data
  • Dr. Marianna BODROGINÉ ZICHAR, associate professor
    • research field: geovisualization GIS, application development, 3D printing
  • Dr. Balázs UJVÁRI, assistant professor


  • Dr. Sándor BÁCSÓ, private professor

    • research field: differential gemetry, computer aided geometric design, generalised metrical spaces

    PhD students

    • Mohammed Ghufran Khidhir Abboosh
    • Ahiya Ahammed
    • Rashwan Al Kentar
    • Dávid Baranyai
    • Róbert Bata
    • Andrea Beatrix Bodonyi
      • computer graphics and animation
      • vision realistic rendering
    • Gergő Bogacsovics
    • Bence Bogdándy
    • István Csoba
      • computer graphics
      • real-time rendering
      • simulation of imaging system
    • Bence Dániel Erős
    • Jasim Hussein Lafta Kaabi
    • Tibor Kapusi
      • image processing
      • machine learning
      • deep learning
      • Judit Tamás Kunné
      • Dávid Kupás
      • István Lakatos
      • Róbert Lakatos
      • Árpád Pándy
      • Norbert Dániel Serbán
      • Róbert Tóth
        • visualization

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