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Head of Department

  • György Vaszil, professor

    • research field: membrane computing, formal languages and automata theory

Members of the Department

  • László Aszalós, Associate Professor

    • research field: non-classical logic, discrete optimization, clustering, rough set theory
  • Péter Battyányi, Lecturer
    • research field: lambda-calculi
  • Csanád Bertók, Assistant Lecturer
    • research field: diophantine number theory, exponential diophantine equations
  • László Csirmaz, Associate Professor
    • research field: theory of sets, combinatorics, mathematical logic, cryptography
  • Carolin Hannusch, Assistant Lecturer
    • research field: algebraic coding theory, cryptography
  • Tamás Herendi, Lecturer
    • research field: pseudo random number generator, number theory, cryptography, parallel algorithms, FPGA programming
  • Géza Horváth, Associate Professor
    • research field: formal languages and automata theory, cryptography
  • Andrea Huszti, Associate Professor
    • research field: designing and analyzing cryptographic protocols, e-voting, e-exam, cloud computing
  • Tamás Kádek, Assistant Lecturer
    • research field: logic, artificial intelligence
  • Zita Kovács, Assistant Lecturer
    • research field: cryptography/anonimity, formal languages and automata theory/WK transducer
  • Tamás Mihálydeák, Associate Professor
    • research field: classical and non-classical logic, many-valued logic, theory of rough sets, membrane computing
  • Dávid Nagy, Assistant Lecturer
    • research field: rough set theory, data mining
  • Attila Pethő, Professor
    • research field: generalized number systems, diophantine equations, public key cryptographic algorithms
  • Magda Várterész, Associate Professor
    • research field: logic,artificial intelligence


PhD Students

  • Kristóf Kántor

    • research field: membrane computing, formal languages and automata theory


  • Attila Bagossy

    • supervisor: Magda Várterész
  • Lilla Nyakacska
    • supervisor: Andrea Huszti
  • Norbert Oláh
    • supervisor: Andrea Huszti
  • Marianna Szabó
    • supervisor: Magda Várterész

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